City of Charlotte, NC - Transportation Management Center Operations Guide Project

Grice Consulting Group developed an Operations Guide for Charlotte’s Transportation Management Center (TMC). This project involved using industry best practices to improve the operations of the City’s TMC.

Grice Consulting Group evaluated current TMC operations; conduct national research on best practices; and made recommendations for short-, mid-, and long-term improvements. The project formalized a Concept of Operations for the Center, and ultimately developed a guide which will not only serve as a day- to-day reference for TMC Operators and staff for routine and emergency conditions, but will also lay a foundation for future enhancements of services and functions.

Under this project, Grice Consulting Group developed tools and strategies for improved traffic signal operations during major incidents requiring diversion of traffic to the City’s arterials using pre-programmed signal system timing patterns as a management/mitigation tool, and identified situations that are well-suited for this treatment. Grice Consulting Group also developed quick response tools for situations where automated response is not appropriate.