Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Created to enhance the safety and mobility of transportation systems, Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is defined as the application of communications and information technology for the benefit of the traveling public and freight transportation. Grice Consulting Group has developed substantial expertise and has continuously applied its expertise to offer cutting edge solutions to transportation problems. Recognized as a national leader in the planning and design of ITS solutions, we have developed a broad and extensive ITS clientele.

Grice Consulting Group has corporate-wide capabilities in systems and software development, communications, National ITS Architecture, ITS engineering and design, systems operations and ITS standards development and expertise. We have internationally recognized experts in the following areas:

  • Incident Detection / Management Systems (IDMS)
  • Advanced Traffic Management Systems (ATMS)
  • Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV)
  • Variable Message Signs (VMS)
  • Traffic Control Centers (TCC)
  • System Software
  • Communications Systems
  • Automated Enforcement Systems
  • Automatic Vehicle Location Systems (AVL)
  • Over-height Detection Systems (OHDS)
  • Object Recognition Systems (ORS)
  • Electronic Toll Collection Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems Sectors

  • Airports
  • Parking
  • Streets and Highways
  • Transit
  • Homeland Security/Evacuation
  • Managed Lane Facilities