City Of Atlanta, GA / Atlanta Beltline – Beltline Feasibility Study, Beltline Redevelopment Plan; Beltline Subarea Master Plans

The Atlanta BeltLine is a visionary project with the potential to transform the City of Atlanta. The project involves reviving an inner-city industrial landscape by providing over 12,000 acres of new parks and green space, 33 miles of recreational trails, and extensive mixed-use development centered upon a 22-mile transit and park path loop. Grice Consulting Group conducted the transportation planning and traffic engineering studies elements of six of the ten subareas studies.

The project included Database Preparation, Public/Stakeholder Involvement, Data Acquisition and Planning, GIS Mapping, Safety Analysis, Existing Traffic Operations Analysis and Transportation Planning, Healthy Community Design, Alternative Analyses, Future Traffic Operations Analysis and Transportation Planning and Alternative Conceptual Designs. Because of the multi-modal transportation system within the City and the proposed transit element of the plan, detailed analyses included an assessment on traffic analysis, pedestrian safety, circulation assessment, access management strategies, truck routing, railroad crossings, mobility and connectivity issues and transit facilities.