City Of Atlanta, GA - Comprehensive Transportation Plan

Grice Consulting Group, as lead firm in the Atlanta Transportation Planning Group Joint Venture, developed, for the first time, a Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP) that will connect the City to its neighborhoods and activity centers in an efficient and cost-effective manner, providing a variety of alternative modes of travel for citizens and visitors. The goal of the project was to create a barrier-free transportation system that ties the City together and offers accessibility to citizens and the traveling public plus the millions who visit the City annually as tourists or conventioneers.

The Grice Consulting Group conducted the transportation elements of the CTP, including traffic analysis, pedestrian safety and circulation assessment, and made recommendations for transportation improvement projects, including installation of sidewalks and streetscapes, and improvements to pedestrian crossings, intersection operations, safety, and transit. The City of Atlanta CTP was adopted by the City Council and approved by ARC. The project was awarded a GPA Planning Association Award for an Innovative and Creative Public Involvement Process.